Do you need to inspire your audience? Are you looking for powerful speeches to get your message across? Do you wish to make your audience more aware of their own behaviors and attitudes towards their goals and values, develop their own vision, and be inspired to make a difference?


With more than 300 hours of speeches in multicultural environments and different professional settings in the past 6 years, I can guarantee genuine and enjoyable interaction with the audience.

Speeches can be customized to the needs of the client and can take the form of a seminar, workshop or simple speech. Their common characteristics are interaction, group-centered approach, teamwork, exercises, and Q&As.

"Dr. Theano Kalavana’s contribution to the success of the 8th AGORA Conference (Sept 2019) was exemplary. Her presentation on efficient communication and how to formulate effective and complete messages was instrumental in achieving one of the conference’s goals, i.e. preparing the attendees to conduct an effective and productive communication campaign. Dr. Kalavana also expanded on what factors may block active listening and how to create complete and successful messages.
The subsequent workshop lead by Dr. Kalavana introduced the attendees to key fundamentals of successful communication and how they may be used in day-to-day practice of patient organizations.
AGORA Platform is grateful to Dr. Kalavana for her work and fully recommends her."
"We have been collaborating with Theano for a few years now. We have invited her to speak at various conferences on subjects relevant to health care professionals (e.g. communication skills, self-regulation, burn-out). Recently, Theano conducted a 5-hour workshop for oncology nurses on preventing & managing burn-out, which had great success. She is an excellent collaborator, always professional, responsive, and understanding of our needs, full of knowledge and experience, and thriving for the best results."
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