Organization Coaching

Are you looking to transform your organization to bring about positive change and achieve strategic objectives? Are you looking for culture transformation? Coaching at the organization level prioritizes your organization's needs.


My significant experience in coaching organizations places me in a position to understand your needs, adapt to your strategy and transform your company.

"We have been working with Theano for the last 5 years in a number of assignments for international clients and the results are always excellent. Theano is very diligent and professional in all our client engagements and has good knowledge of the leadership domain and the coaching field."
"I met Dr Theano Kalavana in 2017, when we organized a training seminar/workshop on 'Developing specialized self-regulation skills in health professionals in order to manage cancer patients and their families with compassion'. After the workshop, participants commented that they felt more confident, more self-control of stress, more adaptability to situations, more effective with their tasks and responsibilities, and better collaboration with their colleagues due to a more positive spirit and attitude.
My personal views based on the evaluation of the workshops, reflects the professional and effective collaboration with Dr. Kalavana, a person with excellent communication skills, good planning and organization of the seminar according to our needs for problem solving and decision making. She has a wonderful way to persuade, negotiate and justify the importance of the certain skills in the clinical setting and at the same time managing the time effectively."
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