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About Me

I am Theano Kalavana.
People in the business call me Dr. T.
I have a genuine interest in human performance, actions, and potential.
The source of my fulfillment and satisfaction is helping people unfold their full potential and achieve well-being.
I enjoy being around people and listening to their stories. I love good food and wine as much as I love running, all while listening to great music!

About Me
Why Mind Threading

I wanted a name for my brand that underlined the link between our thoughts and emotions.
So I recruited friends for a brainstorming session that included homemade pizzas and good wine.
With a full belly and a clear mind, Mind Threading was born!
Mind Threading made sense as it best reflected what I aim to do: thread mindsets, thoughts, and emotions.

Why Mind Threading
My Qualifications

I am a Professional Certified Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation, with more than 600 hours on one-to-one and group coaching.
I have a PhD in Psychology and MSc in Health Psychology. My career focus is on the Psychology of Motivation, Communication Skills and Self-management.
I have been an academic in medical and nursing schools for 13 years. For the past 6 years I have worked as a coach, project manager, facilitator, and consultant on the people side of business.

My Qualifications
My Work

I work with businesses and individuals for coaching and workshops on leadership, performance, work relations, and well-being. Notable collaborations include the Alfa Group, Wharton Business School, Stanford University, PwC Advisory Unit in Greece, and Coca-Cola Europe.
Since 2014, I have been delivering training programs to hospital organizations on resilience, self-regulation for goal accomplishment and patient satisfaction, and effective communication skills.
I am also a BTS Coach Associate in the areas of leadership, empathy and emotional intelligence.

My Work
My Expertise

COMMUNICATION: Barriers to communication, efficient communication, incomplete conversations, authenticity in communication, difficult conversations, negotiation skills, empathy, emotional intelligence
LEADERSHIP: Authentic leaders, launching new culture, focus leaders, multiplying leaders, mindful leaders, inspirational leaders
COLLABORATION: Efficient collaboration, team motivation & engagement, team empowerement & vision, work relations
POTENTIAL: Performance, multiply the potential of your team or as a member of a team
SELF-REGULATION: Effective self-regulation, goal setting & goal accomplishment
SELF-CARE: Empowerement, resilience, burn-out,
stress management, well-being, healthy living

My Expertise
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My Promise
Integrity · Respect · Confidentiality · Excellence
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